Are there any scholarships available for the ISU Frankfurt?

Students from partner universities of Frankfurt UAS or Goethe University are eligible for the discounted program fee of €1200 at any time before the program deadline (May 31, 2020).

Which academic module should I choose?

We have open enrollment for the ISU Frankfurt, meaning that students can participate in the module that best fits their academic profile. If you are unsure which module is right for you, the ISU Frankfurt team is happy to advise you.

How many ECTS credits can I earn?

Participants can earn university credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The academic module is worth 6 ECTS and the German language course is worth 3 ECTS. In total, successful completion of the ISU Frankfurt program is worth 9 ECTS points.

Do I need a visa? How do I get one?

The German Consulate Office in your home country can inform you whether or not you need a visa to participate in the ISU Frankfurt.

If you need a visa, your visa application will require a "Letter of Invitation" by Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. We will be happy to provide you with all necessary documentation as soon as you have registered for the ISU Frankfurt and have paid the program fee.

Is there an address where I can have mail sent to during the summer school?

You can have important mail sent to the International Office at Frankfurt UAS, c/o your name. For example:

Hessen International Summer University
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
International Office
c/o Your First Name, Last Name
Nibelungenplatz 1
D-60318 Frankfurt am Main

How can I get cash when I'm in Germany?

The easiest way to get money while you are here is to use your debit or credit card with a PIN number at an ATM ("Geldautomat"). If you do not have a card with a PIN number, you may have trouble paying with a credit card, as many smaller shops and restauraunts don't accept credit cards. You should also inform your bank and credit card provider about your trip to Germany BEFORE your departure - otherwise your card may be blocked.

How can I make phone calls in Germany?

Most ISU participants buy a pre-paid SIM card for their smart phones. Students can choose from a variety of inexpensive options. Additionally, free WiFi is available at both universities and the hotel.

Will I have WiFi?

ISU Frankfurt participants have free wireless access throughout the universities and hotel during their stay.

Where can I do my laundry?

Laundry facilities are available directly at the hotel, as well as throughout the city.

Should I bring sheets and towels?

Sheets and towels are provided at the hotel. Should you have your own private accommodation, please check with your host.

What happens if I get sick or have an accident during the summer school?

ISU Frankfurt students have full health coverage during their stay in Germany and Europe. However, please note that participants are only insured during the duration of the summer school program. We encourage students to take out travel insurance to cover their trip to and from Germany.